Predator 17x Gaming Laptop with 64GB Ram

Present as one of the participants at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Acer introduced two of its newest Predator gaming laptops, the Predator 17X and the Predator 21X.

The first gaming laptop to be introduced is the update series from the Predator 17X, which Acer introduced last year. Predator 17X is a tiny version of PC gaming capable of virtual reality (VR) without removing portability.

In the latest series, Acer tweaks the Predator 17X to be more resilient by increasing the processor and graphics card from the previous series.

The new 17X Predator is now using the latest generation Intel Kaby Lake processor (Intel Core i7-7820HK), supported by an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, 64GB DDR4 RAM. So that was quoted from the page Ubergizmo, Sunday (01/08/2017).

Gamers are even more satisfied playing the game on the Predator 17X thanks to a 17.3-inch screen with G-Sync technology.

Uniquely, Acer provides the opportunity for gamers who buy this series to customize the Predator 17X with enterprise-class NVMe PCIe SSDs for security or three SATA SSD RAID for transfer speeds.

Through the new Predator 17X, Acer claims that this series is able to quench the thirst of hardcore PC gamers who want the best hardware up to the ability to overclock.

Because it is VR Ready, the Predator 17X can be paired with a VR device such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Priced at prices starting at US $ 2,500, Acer hasn’t been able to confirm when this series will go on sale.

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