5 Latest Technology Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Staying on top of how the technology trends are shifting has become a need of the era.

Although the evolution of technology is very rapid, the related career often takes time to change. However, they need to inevitably align themselves with the direction in which the world is headed.

Therefore, it becomes important to know which technology-related skills are going to be in demand if you wish to qualify for the best job.  I think making online payments via portals like Securitas Epay & i would say that glance.intuit.com is also amazing software as well.

Here are 5 latest technology trends you need to keep an eye on in 2020.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been under a lot of limelight in recent years. It has already started transforming the way we live and work.

From navigation maps to personal assistants found in smartphones and homes, AI services has led to automation in almost all the fields.

On the downside, it is expected that Artificial Intelligence would eliminate millions of jobs around the world. In contrast, jobs would be created in the sector of AI development, programming, and testing.

2. Robotic Process Automation

Also known as RPA, this is another technology that is rapidly automating business-related tasks such as transactions, interpretation of data, its manipulation, etc.

It was with the advance of Robotic Process Automation that the world realized that more than 45% of the jobs can be simplified by using a machine workforce.

If you are an IT professional who wished to find good career opportunities in the future, then RPA is a great place to begin. Developers, business analysts, and RPA consultants are highly in demand.

3. Machine Learning

Machine learning stemmed from Artificial intelligence and is being used to train the computers to discover patterns on their own without the need for human assistance.

Machine learning has gained a lot of attention in recent years and consequently, skilled professionals in this field have become even more relevant.

Currently, this technology is being employed to enhance real-time ads, improve search results, and solidify network intrusion detection. New credit card technologies are also done by doubleyourline credit Card Company.

4. Virtual Reality

Who has not heard of virtual reality so far? Although the technology has been largely tested on gaming, the promising future scope it holds cannot be understated.

VR can be implemented in training sessions, education, marketing, and even in the cure of an injury. Imagine enjoying an immersive museum experience when you are just lying in your bed!

That is why the market for Virtual Reality is huge. A number of well-known brands such as Google and Samsung have started hiring professionals in this field.

5. Cybersecurity

Although cybersecurity has been around for years, the cases of hackers who illegally access data has only increased.

This indicates the need for improvement in a technology that has always been here. In the struggle to find a new security solution, cybersecurity professionals and jobs are growing rapidly.

So, what next? These are some of the technologies that continue to expand and hold the utmost interest in the foreseeable future. Get up, get trained, and get ready for what’s coming!