Staying Ahead of the Curve: How Internet Marketing Design Can Beat Ad Blockers

One of the main ways to receive income from a website of any caliber is through online advertisements. Yet, one pesky little nuisance has made this a lot harder than it has been otherwise in years preceding. Ad blockers come in and stick around, and the result is a lot of empty spaces and a lot less in advertisement revenue for small websites.

How is this dynamic changing internet marketing design? Is it worth changing the entire strategy to compensate for? Below is a look at how online ad blocks are reshaping the landscape- and by how much.

Mobile Ads

It is no secret that mobile marketing is the main crux of the future for marketing and design. Whether that remains the case is still out in the open, but mobile marketing is king. Mobile ads are a perfectly viable way to receive additional income through a small website.

Mobile advertisements are helping to offset some of the advertising revenue lost in traditional web adverts. It is a little more difficult to implement mobile ad blocks compared to desktop blockers. But, rest assured, the time will come when mobile ad blocks will work just as effectively as they do on a desktop. When that time comes, desktop ads may be entirely obsolete. It will be fascinating to see this evolution over the next few years, and how marketers will respond to it.

Ad Programs and Sponsorships

Another way to navigate around ad blockers is to deploy ad programs and sponsorships. Sponsorship advertisements essentially get around traditional ad blocks because they do not appear as traditional ads. The ad blockers pick up on the code to block an ad, such as a Google Adword. But, a sponsorship is simply a relationship. It could have a different code design, such as a simple image. It could be a hyperlink or a blog article on the home page about a company. Sponsorships are more than banner ads.

Sponsorships help to develop a richer relationship that is partly symbiotic. Ad blockers are forcing marketers to change their strategies, albeit only slightly. It seems bigger forces are pushing innovation in wider directions than ad blockers.

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