Specialized Business Software Helps Improve Machine Embroidery Shop Efficiency

Machine embroidery may seem to be a niche market, but its results are seen everywhere today. Businesses and sports teams add their names and logos to shirts, jackets, caps or even bags to help identify a group’s members. Customized gear can help a team or group bond in ways that other efforts can’t. Local embroidery shops are often the best sources for getting logos or names included on fabric because they’re able to listen to customers and work to meet their needs. Owners of these shops will find that working with specialized business software can greatly increase machine embroidery shop efficiency.

Business growth happens when an embroidery company’s product meets the needs of its current customers and draws in new customers as well. It also occurs when owners take steps to ensure the business is as efficient and productive as possible. Business management software can offer help for embroidery shop owners and employees in every area from design to sales to financial accounting. Managing production, shipping orders and managing inventory are much simpler when the software takes into account the needs of embroidery shops.

There are several different customized features embroidery shops can use in business software that will make the entire process much simpler. For example, a customized order entry size matrix allows an owner to combine products that are identical in everything but size into one order to simplify record keeping. Pricing tiers based on the company’s specific pricing guidelines can be easily separated so that they’re easy to locate and change when necessary. Various production and design variables that impact certain lines of items can be stored for quick accessibility when needed.

ShopWorks’ OnSite business software was created nearly 25 years ago to help small and mid-sized businesses, specifically those that created and sold apparel and items featuring embroidery and screen printing. Eventually, the business software also moved into the areas of digital printing, promotional products, and awards products. Focused on improving everything in a shop, the business software can help a shop’s owner and employees handle the numerous components of embroidering jobs from keeping inventory in stock to managing customers, scheduling production and tracking shipments. An embroidery shop will run more smoothly with the help of the right business software.

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