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Getting by Anxiety in Menopause. Most women in their menopause ages are likely to suffer from anxiety. What bothers most women in their menopause years is anxiety. Anxiety is widely related to hormonal balances. In one way or another, people suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is not a disease it is everyone who experiences. All the same, these are feelings that should not frequently be felt or make one feel overwhelmed or ensnared. These are the main causatives of anxiety. It is common in females because they are experiencing a lot of hormonal changes in their bodies. What happens is that in these periods, most women suffer from high levels of stress and depression. Doctors say that anxiety in a way is caused by reduced levels of estrogen. Depression is mostly caused by increased anxiety.
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Progesterone also reduces in the body in menopause, this is a hormone that assists in calming and relaxing the body. One even gets to react to issues that they faced long time ago this is because of the hormonal imbalance taking place in their body.
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If one is going through these symptoms then you are likely to be suffering from anxiety; dizziness, nausea, shivering, your heartbeat rate is increased, insomnia, sweating and breathing difficulties. Though not everyone suffers these symptoms every time it either occurs once in a while or some cases suddenly among some women. One is said to suffer panic attacks once they get frequent ambushes of anxiety. There are ways which can help you relieve anxiety once you feel it. Reduce the stresses in your life. It is advised that one can figure out what majorly causes stress in their lives. Work on it. Be it work, your family, or your friends. Make some alone time and use it to do fun stuff. Find things that excite you, you need a break every once, and a while take this opportunity to do what you love. Sadly those people who do not create some time of their schedules suffer stress and depression frequently. The right feeding diet is also a big contributor when it comes to managing anxiety in nine out of ten cases. This are considered bad eating habits. You may find yourself having trouble while sleeping as these habits bring about anxiety. A a hydrated body is a strong body, make sure you keep your body hydrated, and this will help in preventing anxiety. Above all exercise. Your body will be in good shape, and the circulation in your body also goes on well.

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