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Leadership can mean different thing to different people depending on the context. According to transformational leadership, leaders and their followers motivates each other to higher levels. The leadership is no longer in the corporate world alone. The students should also be taught about leadership. Teachers and school administrators are integrating ways to use this type of leadership in their setting. The leaders always find ways to make the aims of a learning institution prosper. The schools role is to impart knowledge that will help sustain themselves in the outside world. The students need to be trained to be their bosses and learn to handle problems they encounter in school and other places.

Leaders do not see what other see. They turn things upside down and view them through different lenses. This established a different world for them. They come up with a completely new idea of doing things and solve the problem at hand.

It is the role of the teachers and school administrators to ensure the school has a vision and a mission to be attained. The school should be run in a competitive manner. Ways of being the best has to be planned for by the school administrators. For the school to remain unique, it has to retain its value.

The schools should make the learner of what is going on in the present-days. The world is moving at a fast rate with technical developments. The students should know how to fit in. They should learn in schools how to adjust to these changes.

Today’s leaders were not born leaders. They slowly toughened up, grew in strength and resolve if face of opposition and learned to rise and stand their ground in difficult situations. Nurturing leaders start at early stages of their lives. They need to be encouraged, nurtured and their skills strengthened. It is vital to teach young students to be responsible and working to do things to the best of their capability.

Leadership skill are developed through participation in students organizations and activities. One can also join political groups and even run for political vacancies available.

A student can get leadership skills through volunteering to participate in community activities. surrounding yourself with groups that share a common interest help in growing leadership skills because you involve yourself in professional meetings and activities. The learner aspiring to be a leader can source their motivation from reading books about other successful leaders. Also aspire to meet the leaders in their places of work and listening to them or hearing important conferences and meetings will help the student learn much about leadership.

Although the education sector does not pay well, they perform am really important function which should not be undermined. Making leadership part of the learnt subjects in all stages of education will help in promoting creation of good tomorrow leaders. The strategy will require teamwork and hard work from the teachers and students to succeed. The schools will be able to produce reliable potential leaders of future.

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