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The Employers Guide to Payment Stub Generators

There is no better way of winning an argument than when one has proof to support his or her side. In the employer-employee relationship, there is need for the two parties to avoid any confrontations at all costs. The two are best able to do this by making sure they keep a record of all their money transactions between them. Keeping all the documents that show all that has been paid to the employee by an employer is the best way of doing this. The paycheck is the most important document that deals with any information regarding the payment of an employee.

A paycheck is a comprehensive document that contains all the details that regard the earnings an employee has made. It will have two main parts; one which shows the amount an employee should expect at his account, and the other part shows the breakdown of his earnings to land the final figure on the check. Details concerning the employee’s deductions, bonuses and any other money withheld from the employee by the employer are contained in this second part which is called a paystub. Previously, the employer had to make paystubs manually but that is long gone. Stub generators online can today be used to create pay stubs for you.

The option to review your progress as you fill in the details is the first thing you need to ensure the paystub generator gives you. It is common for you to find stub generators that only allow you to view what you have done after submitting all the details. Such stub generators require you to buy a new one if any mistake has been made and thus they are not friendly. Getting a stub generator that allows you to see your progress and make changes as they come is a very important thing.

The second and very important aspect of a paystub generator that you need to scrutinize is its accuracy. The paystub generators we have today are able to do calculations for you and you only need to fill in the major details. The accuracy of a stub generator can be determined by considering the number of decimal places they make their calculations specific to. A good stub generator will have its calculations to at least two decimal places.

How much it costs you to generate stubs for your employees is the last thing you need to consider. There are two pricing criteria for payment stubs with one charging per stub you generate and the other charging on an overall basis. Always make your choice by considering how much it will cost you for the entire process.

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