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A Dog Crates Sizes Guide For Every Dog.

When it comes to using a dog crate for your dog, there are certain concerns that will arise. Whether you are purchasing the dog crate for aiding in travelling, to help in house breaking process or to discourage the habit of chewing. To address this issue, you first need to remember that dogs are pack animals by nature. Every dogs like running alongside other dogs to show their still have characteristics and qualities of their ancestors.

The natural need to have their own den is also an ancestral characteristic. Do not be afraid that you are putting the dog inside a cage. The dog crates look like a small den. In the natural element, a den can either be a narrow passage or a shallow hole that is big and comfortable enough to turn around, stand up, lie down and to offer protection from predators. Therefore when you want to buy a dog crate, consider all the natural tendencies of your dog.

To measure the height and length of your dog crate, consider the following points. Measure while the dog is standing to find the length of the dog crate starting from the tip of your dog’s nose right to the base of the dogs tail. You should not measure up to the end of your dog’s tail because the crate will become very long. But if the dog has a hard or thick tail, you should measure a few inches of it.

To find out the height of the dog crate, when the dog is sitting, measure from the floor to the highest part of the dog’s nose or head and then add 2 to 4 inches. This gives you the shortest dog crate height. Also measure the height of the dogs ears if they are erect. The width of your dog crate will be determined by the height and length that you chose.

Another alternative is to go online and consult about the different sizes of dog crates from their manufacturers. You may also get alternative information of the dog crate sizes from dog breed websites. You will easily get the right dog crate size that matches the size of your dog from here. Your dog will be able to easily partition the crate into sleeping and restroom area if the crate is large enough. You also need to remember that all dogs are not the same, therefore you should ensure that you make an informed decision by considering charts and measurements. You must also consider your dog’s weight when choosing a crate.

Do not select a dog crate that is too small or too large. Dogs will never soil their sleeping area. And with a large crate, they will not feel safe or secure. They will not feel safe and secure in a larger crate. A large dog crate will not provide safety and security for your dog.

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