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Factor to Consider in order to Reduce the Drayage Shipping Rates

When you have goods at the port that are awaiting pickup and delivery to either your business premises or your warehouse, you consider different methods of transport. Factors such as the urgency that you require the goods with, the quantity of the goods and the amount of money you wish to pay for the goods may contribute to the types of mode of transportation that you choose. You may have gone for drayage shipping because of the quantity of the goods perhaps or the urgency with which you needed the goods and hence the schedule of the train could not assure that they would have been delivered within the required time. The cost of drayage may, therefore, be high because of transportation of a single container of goods as opposed to the rail transportation. Some aspects are necessary if you want to reduce the drayage shipping rates. These factors are discussed below.

The first thing you need to consider when choosing the right company. The right company should be the one that has low drayage shipping rates. Different companies charge different prices. You don’t need to worry about security to an extent that you incur the extra cost as drayage shipping is over short distances and hence will ensure that the goods reach you within a day. You can select a company that is cheap and order your goods to be brought before the day ends. You will have reduced the drayage shipping rates.

The other aspect of consideration when trying to reduce the cost of drayage shipping is by choosing the right carrier. This means that you get the truck that is the right size depending on the good that you need to move. Getting a truck that is large to transport a few goods will cost you much. Having a large truck transporting a few goods may cost you much than expected. Having a small truck to transport a lot of goods can also see you pay much than required. Small trucks may need several trips to ensure that your goods are completely moved. The cost of fuel used and the money to pay the driver will be high.

Another aspect to have in mind when trying to reduce the cost of drayage shipping is by sharing the cost with other shippers. This will be possible by LTL shipping. The cost of LTL shipping rates is reduced because of the different customers paying a fraction of the total cost to ensure that the cost is reduced. A single truck will be stack with different customer’ goods and then delivered to them without necessarily having to hire a truck for you goods alone.

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