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It is very good for every person to know how he could empower himself first before even thinking of how he will be empowered, and since empowerment is regarded as a desirable state to attain everyone in that manner desires to attain that empowerment. Having powers over one’s life is what may be proper meaning of the term to be empowered, however, this power above his life does not overlap the other people’s power over their lives, it’s having the maturity to be oneself in the midst of others. Living in a self-dependency way and being able to realize that your responsibilities are your basics to take care of, and being self-dependant though not ignoring others and making yourself as an island but it’s to co- exist with respect with all other people.

Empowerment training is by understanding our own truth, that is to know who we rely on are, this is what Is commonly known as self -knowledge when anyone understands that fact and trusts it its powerful stuff to start with. Knowing the obstacles that hinder people from attaining their full potential in empowerment is a good thing since it will help us know better how to improve on such weakness and attain one’s empowerment fully. One of the main obstacles to empowerment that should be discussed in all empowerment training courses is the social conditioning, since most people have been conditioned to give away their power to others that’s why people hardly question the way things are done since that’s how it is used to be and is deemed wrong to question such.

Low esteem is another major contributing factor to failure to attain empowerment, having self-doubts, lack to appreciate one’s self, and low self-esteem, all this will block our way of becoming empowered. On that point we can also note that ignorance that is unable to identify once self is also contributory to lack of empowerment, it’s not possible to empower ourselves if we don’t understand ourself. Fear of the unknown is also one factor that hinders many of us from attaining the optimum empowerment, since due to lack of energy that is brought about by fear one lacks the courage to act as per his potential powers.

Lack of knowledge is yet another factor that hinders empowerment, for one to be empowered he must self reliant to attain that he must be knowledgeable person adding knowledge to our lives we are more better since it helps us to even think better, and as someone once said knowledge is power by itself.

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