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How Can Orthodontics Improve Your Smile

Some individuals are being self-conscious about their smiles because of the gaps in their teeth or an overbite, and in this case they are already candidates for braces or have other orthodontic treatments. Dentistry has a special field that deals with correcting teeth that are misaligned and in getting one’s bite in order for cosmetic or hygienic purposes, and this is called orthodontics. It is wrong to think that orthodontic treatments are only good for children, but that these treatments are also applicable to an adult patient given he or she has healthy teeth, bones and gums to work with.

Moving teeth would be based on the manipulation done physically on the present teeth and structures, and these movements will be repeated several times during a full orthodontic treatment so that the patient can see a slow but steady development. If you talk about the full treatment, you will see results from 18 months to several years, depending on how old the patient is and his or her present state of oral health. It is advisable that when you get started with a new treatment, you meet first with your general dentist or orthodontist for a consultation, and let the professional looked at your smile closely. During your consultation, you will be discussing your medical and dental history and also some physical examinations might be conducted. Some of these physical examinations that will be conducted are photographs, x-rays, and impressions taken of your teeth and bite to be able to diagnose your teeth condition.

Orthodontics have several benefits associated with it, and some of the main benefits are purely cosmetic. For example, if one is feeling self-conscious about his or her crooked teeth, you will have a perfectly straight teeth through orthodontic treatment and would feel good about yourself again afterwards. Other than the great smile you will have as a result of this treatment, know also that there are hygienic reasons beneficial to you too. Take note that having large gaps or overcrowded mouth will make it for one to clean in between teeth, and if not managed properly could lead to other diseases like gum disease.

The next benefit that we can get from orthodontics is that it can correct protruding teeth, and thus will reduce your risk of an injury when you engage in sports and other physical activities. By realigning your teeth, there will be less stress placed on your jaw joints and can give you a better facial profile. Further, through orthodontic treatment, the wear and tear of the teeth will be cut down during times when they are subjected.

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