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Questions About Your Social Media Audit? Let NetbaseQuid Analytics Help

If you company is like most, social media advertising has become a much more important part of your business strategy in recent years. Since companies across the world now spend well over $40 billion per year on digital advertising, it is critical to ensure you get the results you need to stay ahead of the competition. As businesses start to put such a huge emphasis on this form of advertising, new and innovative methods are now being used to evaluate the effectiveness of social media ad campaigns. This often involves conducting a social media audit, which can be done much more effectively by partnering with NetbaseQuid and its state-of-the-art analytical software and next-generation artificial intelligence.

How Often Should These Audits be Performed?

While you certainly don’t need to do a social media audit on a daily or weekly basis, companies should plan on performing an audit of this type at least once each year. By doing so, it becomes possible to better understand which social media accounts are working well, which are not bringing in the results you seek, and how it will be possible to devise new strategies to reach new customers. To do this as well as possible, it is best to take advantage of the latest analytics technology from NetbaseQuid. By using its analytics software and combining it with various aspects of AI, you can discover more in-depth information regarding consumer trends and preferences, learn how online ratings and reviews are affecting your company, and whether or not your brand stirs passion and loyalty within your customers.

Creating New Strategies

Once you analyze your company’s social media accounts and determine which ones need adjusting, using analytics software and AI from NetbaseQuid can help in many areas. For example, it will let you examine various hashtags used on Twitter to help determine which ones are most effective and shared by online users. Also, you can examine postings from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and numerous other social media sites to see if these posts are getting maximum exposure. In many cases, you will find analytics and AI will show certain posts do better when posted on specific days and times. Finally, you’ll also be able to see which posts are generating the best responses and resulting in increased company profits, allowing you to make sure those creating the posts are given these assignments on a regular basis.

Red Flags from the Audit

As is the case anytime a social media audit is conducted by a company, various red flags are sure to emerge. For example, you may find your company is actually trying to have a presence on too many social media sites. By using NetbaseQuid analytical software, it becomes easier to determine which accounts should be kept and which should be dropped. According to industry data, while 73% of U.S. residents who are active online use YouTube regularly, only 22% use Twitter each day. Therefore, if you have been emphasizing Twitter advertising and gotten little for your efforts, this may be why. By conducting your social media audit, you are able to discover this red flag and redirect the efforts of your team to other social media accounts that may be more active and profitable.

While NetbaseQuid and its social media analytics software may be new to you, that is not the case with many of the world’s top corporations. Whether it is Coca-Cola, Walmart, or others, using this advanced form of analytics is paying off each and every day for successful companies. If you are committed to getting the most from your social media advertising, rely on NetbaseQuid.